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7 Reasons You Need Auto Repair Services Before Hitting The Road This Summer

Summer season is here once more, and families are gearing up for that long-awaited road trip to beat the heat. You need auto repair services before you hit the road because this is the time of the year when your car is prone to breakdowns.

To keep your vehicle running smoothly, there are some maintenance needs that you need to perform at this time.

Summer Car Maintenance Tips from a Trusted Auto Repair Services Professional

Arizona is considered an extreme climate, which means that cars are not designed to be driven in this kind of weather. Manufacturers’ guidelines found in owner’s manuals do not consider the extreme desert heat unless duly noted.

This is why you need to give special attention to your vehicle during the summer. Here are seven essential summer maintenance tips you can do right now.

Have An Oil Change
The oil in your vehicle is like the lifeblood of your engine. It should be changed every 3,000 miles or every three months. Living in Arizona makes regular oil changes vital as more dust gets into the intake and mixes with the oil more than any other climates.

When dirt is in your oil, it breaks down its viscosity leading to seal and piston ring damage if left unchecked. We experience minor dust storms during the monsoon season from June to September, so changing your oil during this time is even more essential.

Invest in high-quality oil like synthetic and always change oil filters with every oil change. Oil filters take a beating in our extreme Arizona weather.

Tire Inspection
Summertime in Arizona is also a tire blowout season. The extreme heat of summer makes the asphalt temperatures rise, which increases the chances of tire blowouts. Factors like heavily loaded vehicles, long road trips, and hot asphalt can push a damaged tire to its breaking point. Blowouts are frequent during May through early October, where outside temperatures are hottest.

Inspect your tires for even wear and proper inflation. You shouldn’t over-inflate your tires as extreme temperatures can increase the PSI by about 10psi.

Check Air Filters
Just like your oil filters, air filters also take a beating due to the dusty Arizona weather. Inspect your air filters often and change them regularly. As air filters get dirty, tiny dust particles find their way into your engine.

Living in the desert makes our filters collect dust faster compared to other places. We just need to perform auto repair services to keep up with the changes in seasons.

AC Inspection
Having your car AC breakdown in the middle of a long summer road trip can be a nightmare. Summer temperatures are brutal in Arizona, and the AC is a necessity and not a luxury.

If there are leaks in your system, you should bring your car for auto repair inspection. Your AC is meant to be sealed at all times so you can enjoy the cool breeze inside your vehicle. Your road trip will be more comfortable despite the extreme heat on the road.

Belts and Hoses
Phoenix weather is characterized by extreme heat and low humidity. This combination takes its toll on belts and hoses. Make sure to inspect belts and hoses for tears, cracks, and blisters before going on that summer road trip. Bring a replacement as you travel for extra precaution.

Wiper Blades
Monsoons are common during Arizona summers, so you need to prepare your wiper blades. Wipers are usually the last thing a car owner thinks about when you talk about vehicle maintenance.

You need a clear windshield when a downpour occurs, and cracked and dry wiper blades won’t help you one bit. Visibility is vital for road safety when it rains. Replace cracked and dry wiper blades before you hit the road this summer.

Cooling System
Cars overheating during the Arizona summer is a common sight. It’s no surprise that cars are pulled over to the side of the road with hoods raised and steam rising from the engine.

Heat is your engine’s worst adversary, especially during the summer. A broken thermostat causes many issues related to engine overheating. As a car owner in the desert, watching engine temperatures and inspecting for leaks in your cooling system should be second nature to you.

If your vehicle overheats, you should have an inspection and repair immediately.

Always keep a gallon of coolant and water in your vehicle when you go on long road trips.

Auto Repair Glendale AZ, Best Mechanics Glendale AZ, Auto Repair Shops Glendale AZ, Auto Repair Services Glendale AZ
Auto Repair Services Glendale AZ

Dave’s Car Care: Your Go-To Auto Repair Services Expert in Glendale, AZ

Arizona summers can be harsh to your vehicles, but we can help you survive it.
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Arizona car owners face various car repair issues due to the extreme weather conditions that our vehicles are subjected to. Our mission is to be the best auto repair services in Glendale, AZ, call us, or send us a message on our website for an appointment today.

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