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Best Diesel Expert Near Me

When you are having a problem with your truck or SUV, you need to call the best diesel expert near me. There are things that you can’t DIY all the time especially if you encounter major issues with your diesel engine.

A diesel expert will provide the best work and also save you money on future repairs.

We understand that there are benefits if you can fix your vehicle on your own but take note that today’s diesel engine is more complicated than before.

You need to have the experience and the right tools to perform a repair job and that doesn’t ensure that you will get the same quality of work as the professionals.

You may think that hiring a diesel mechanic to repair or maintain your truck is an added expense but in reality, you save a bit when you consider the flipside.

Keeping your truck in good shape is always at the top of your list especially when you drive it often. 

We share some tips on how you can keep your truck going for miles on end.

What Every Diesel Owner Needs To Know

Many consumers are making the switch to diesel from petrol as cleaner diesel fuel becomes available.

States like Texas, California, and Florida are showing quite an increase in diesel car, truck, SUV, and van registrations while western states including Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming are taking the lead in the number of diesel vehicles on the road.

Truck, SUV, and car owners prefer diesel engines due to fuel economy, power, and durability but without regular diesel engine maintenance your fuel injection system will clog up.

Industry experts say that many are switching to diesel due to a 30% fuel economy savings and a 15% reduction in emissions compared to petrol engines.

In comparison, a petrol engine may give you 700 kilometers on a full tank while a diesel engine will give you 1,000 kilometers. Diesel engines are also designed to last longer than their gasoline counterparts. 

The diesel engine of Mercedes Benz holds the world record for most kilometers logged by an engine at 1.4 million kilometers.

Aside from having the best diesel engine expert near me, owners should take care of their diesel vehicles to prolong its lifespan and reduce repair costs.

Diesel Engine Maintenance

Diesel engines differ from gas engines because they don’t have spark plugs so you don’t need ignition tune-ups. For optimal performance, you need to change your air, fuel, and oil filters regularly.

A diesel expert near me has the right diagnostic equipment, parts, and skills needed to do what’s required for your diesel engine maintenance.

Taking care of a diesel engine vehicle is different than a petrol-based vehicle but the basic principles are similar.

Ideally, you should have your diesel engine vehicle serviced every 5,000 kilometers or every 6 months. 

The cost of maintenance for a diesel engine is a little higher than a petrol engine but despite the higher price difference, the benefits of owning a diesel far outweigh the price of servicing it.

Vehicles are subject to wear and tear regardless of what type of gasoline you use. Preventive diesel engine maintenance is essential but it should be done by diesel mechanics.

Diesel Engine Service Checklist

The diesel engine is a powerful engine that gives high performance and is mostly used in heavier vehicles and is suited for hauling heavy loads. 

A diesel engine service checklist consists of the following services from the best diesel expert near me:

Oil changes

Truck owners are familiar with oil changes and how it works. Engine oil is vital because it keeps your engine from overheating by giving proper lubrication. A smooth engine runs on good engine oil at all times.

Without proper oil changes, your engine may get damaged due to dirty oil. A good rule of thumb is to change the oil every two to three months for better engine performance.

Make sure to use the correct grade of diesel engine oil for your vehicle.

Diesel oil takes in more carbon than petrol engines which is why they contain more dispersants and anti-wear additives.

You can choose from high-viscosity oil or synthetic oil for your vehicle. Ask your mechanic for the best recommendation for your vehicle.

Fuel filter changes

The fuel supply line of a diesel engine should have at least one fuel filter fitted into the system. 

Clean fuel is another aspect of good engine performance. Your fuel filter ensures that no unwanted particles enter the engine and cause damage. Changing fuel filters every 25,000 kilometers should be part of your diesel engine checklist.

Coolant changes

Acidic coolant in your diesel engine can cause harm and lead to major repairs. You should change your coolant before it becomes acidic to prevent other internal parts of your engine from being affected.

Air filter

Your air filter stops harmful particles from entering your engine. Clean or replace them at the proper intervals. Check your owner’s manual to find out the replacement schedule. 

New air filters can be cleaned and used once more. Installing a new air filter may vary from vehicle to vehicle. Your mechanic will clean the filter casings before installing a new one. 

Fuel System

If you experience hard starting with your diesel engine you may have air stuck inside your fuel system. To fix the issue you need to bleed or clean the fuel system. 

A diesel mechanic will manually open the fuel supply valve and pump fuel until you get rid of all air bubbles.

Today’s diesel engines have a self-bleeding mechanism but it should be bled manually to ensure total removal of air.

If not done properly, dirt and water from the fuel system can damage your system when your fuel lines are being serviced. 

Drain Water Separators

Diesel fuel creates a humid environment that introduces water that can’t be removed. Water in the fuel system is a serious concern which is why diesel trucks are fitted with water separator filters.

Water separators protect your engine from water damage by using chemicals to remove water and makes them settle at the bottom of the filter. To prevent fuel contamination you need to drain water separators whenever you get service.


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