Dave's Car Care

While we take great joy in serving the needs of Dave’s Car Care customers. We also have an equal passion to reach out and serve others locally and around the globe.

One of the greatest desires of our heart is to share our love of God’s children by caring for them. We recognize the special need that exists both in the US and around the world to feed, clothe, educate, and love our young ones. Thus we take great pleasure in offering our time and treasure to children around the world both through ministry and individually. Here are just a few of the children who touch us as we seek to enrich their lives.

Marisol Marcani Lucas

We have been supporting Marisol for six years. She lives in Bolivia and is 14 years old. Marisol says that she enjoyed great health during the year thanks to God. She added that she had a great year at school and that her favorite subject was math. She asks us to pray for her family’s health during the year.

Sharwan Avtar

Sharwan is currently a 6th grader from India who we have supported for three years. He has asked us to “pray to God to give me his wisdom, knowledge, and good memory power”. He has also asked for prayers for his studies and a bright future.

Chhor Nhem

Chhor Nhem is the newest child we have been blessed to encounter and support. He is a 7th grader from Cambodia. He has asked us to pray for God to bless him with good health and wisdom to become a good child.

Rajesh Hansda

Rajesh is a fourth grader from India. In his letter from December 2011 he mentioned that he is doing well in school. In his own words he says that he “loves to hear stories from the Bible and that he also loves the Lord Jesus very much.” He mentions that it is very warm here, but the trees are filled with new leaves and the plants are filled with new flowers. He says that on the way to school we often see herds of deer on the way to school. Unfortunately, we had to tell him we do not see many deer where we live.

Muhle Ngwenya

Muhle is from Swaziland, a small country ravaged by extreme poverty with the highest AIDS infection rate in the world. She is a third grader who asks God to her her understand how to treat other children. She wants to do well in school and asks for your prayers to help her do well. We hope to share more from her in the future as we receive more letters.

Lungile S Magagula

Lungile is also from Swaziland. She is a fifth grade student whm her teachers’ say is shy. She asks for your prayers to do well in school. We are thankful to hear that she is healthy and we will share more about her in the future.