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As you travel along the highway, you notice your transmission is creating loud noises, and it keeps getting worse due to the extreme Arizona weather. Your car stalls in the middle of the road due to transmission failure, and now your trip is ruined.

You realize that you forgot to bring your vehicle for a check-up with your transmission expert during the spring season, which is why this happened.

Now you need to ask Siri for help and get your vehicle towed and brought to your transmission experts in Glendale AZ for repairs.

Proper maintenance of your transmission is vital, especially given Arizona’s extreme climate.

How to Take Care of Your Transmission as Summer in Arizona Approaches

The summer season in Arizona is a time when many families go on a road trip for that most-awaited family vacation. 

For some car owners, summer is the time for towing boats, heavy trailers, dirt bikes, four-wheelers, horses, and other bulky cargo for an outdoor trip.

For a car’s automatic transmission, the extra load makes it perform harder and add the summer heat to the situation, which can be a recipe for disaster.

We should take note that the majority of car manufacturers don’t design their vehicles to run in extreme weather conditions like Arizona.

The maintenance guides provided by manufacturers don’t include Arizona climate conditions unless specified.

Overheating is common during the summer, and it may shorten the life of your transmission fluid or worse, can lead to transmission failure.

A transmission breakdown in the middle of your road trip plus a major transmission rebuild can ruin your summer plans altogether.

How Heat Affects Your Transmission 

As the temperature rises during the summer, your engine keeps cool through your radiator and coolant. 

Automatic transmissions are designed to maintain peak performance at temperatures within 200 degrees Fahrenheit. For every 20 degree rise above this mark, the life expectancy of your transmission gets lower by a factor of 2.

This means that when your transmission operates at 260 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s life expectancy is now cut to an eighth of its lifespan.

Transmission fluid will start to degrade as the internal thermostat of your transmission soars during the summer. This situation results in poor lubrication and more friction, which translates into more heat.

If you own high-performance vehicles with high-torque, temperatures can spike when driven hard during the summertime.

Here are some tips from a transmission expert on how to keep your transmission running efficiently, even when the mercury rises.

  • Watch out for transmission fluid leaks and maintain proper fluid levels at all times. Levels that drop quickly could be signs of a leak which should be addressed immediately
  • Regular transmission fluid changes are necessary given extreme Arizona weather conditions. Transmission fluid can’t properly lubricate when they are degraded or contaminated due to the heat and heavy towing for some car owners
  • Choose a high-quality synthetic transmission fluid. They degrade slowly at higher temperatures compared to regular fluids
  • Replace filters and add a new pan gasket if needed
  • Keep your car’s radiator and coolant working in peak condition. They not only keep your engine cool but also helps your transmission stay cooler as well
  • If you can avoid stop and go traffic during the summer that would be ideal. City driving takes its toll on transmissions due to frequent shifting and lack of air-cooling compared to highway driving
  • Enjoy your trip by driving moderately; this reduces the stress on your engine and transmission
  • Avoid fast starts and stops and don’t overwork your transmission when going through mud when offroading
  • If you can avoid driving out during the hottest portions of the day that would help your car a lot
  • Don’t tow while you’re on overdrive; this can burn up your transmission
  • Avoid pushing your vehicle to tow loads beyond its towing cargo limits
  • You can choose to add an aftermarket transmission cooler. Ask your local transmission expert if they have one and have them install it for you
  • Another solution is to add an aftermarket transmission fluid pan that is deeper and larger than the stock pan. This will give your vehicle a bigger reserve from where your transmission can draw fluid from
Transmission Experts Glendale AZ, Transmission Shop Glendale AZ, Transmission Repair Glendale AZ
Transmission Repair in Glendale AZ

Dave’s Car Care: Your Transmission Experts in Glendale AZ

Arizona car owners should take extra care of their transmissions due to the extreme weather conditions.

A properly functioning transmission can ensure that your family vacation will proceed without the hassle of your transmission breaking down as you travel.

Summer is a time when you need your car running in peak condition, and this includes your transmission. The best way to achieve this is to hire a professional Transmission expert in Glendale AZ.

If you want to ensure that your car gets you to your destination and back without any problems, you should get in touch with us and set an appointment before you go on your trip.

Dave’s Car Care is your best alternative to expensive dealerships for your Transmission Repair and Maintenance needs.

Here are some of the top reasons for choosing us as your Transmission Expert in Arizona:

  • Our expert transmission mechanics have over 40 years of experience in providing professional and honest Transmission Repair services for all makes and car models in Glendale, AZ.
  • Our business has been reviewed by top auto organizations like the AAA and NAPA
  • We have received AAA Top Shop Honors for 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016.
  • We are ASE certified
  • Our shop has an A+ rating from the BBB(Better Business Bureau)
  • We received an International Torch Award for Ethics from the BBB
  • We offer complete vehicle transmission service and repair
  • We use OEM parts and the highest quality fluids and lubricants
  • We check for issues all across your transmission system

For dealership level Transmission Repair in Glendale AZ, call us or send us a message on our website for an appointment today.